Monday, April 1, 2013

3D 2N Caraga Tour: Butuan, Enchanted River, Tinuy-an Falls, Britannia Islands

Arrival In Butuan City

Day 1: Butuan City Tour
-Check in:  Dotties' or Inland Resort
- Butuan Museum, Balangay Museum
- Zipline in DELTA Adventure Park (longest zipline in Asia).
-Lunch in Aling Cora's or Weegol's.  Dessert in MARGIE's.
- Sight Seeing in Macapagal bridge and River Cruise in Agusan River
- Dinner at Floating restaurant near Philippine Port Authority.

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Day 2: Tinuy-an Falls and Enchanted River
- For commuters, take a trike and tell them to take you to the bus terminal and then take the Bachelor Tours bus bound for Mangagoy, Bislig and tell the driver/conductor to drop you off in the corner road going to Tinuy-an Falls, then hire a habal2x/single motorcycle.  Remember to bring enough food, and just let the trike driver wait for you until you decide to proceed in going to Enchanted river.

- From the falls tell the trike driver to take you to the highway again and then take the bus bound for Butuan that will pass by Hinatuan, and tell the driver/conductor once again to drop you off near the corner going to Enchanted river and take another trike.

-Spend the night somewhere in Hinatuan.

Click here for more details about:  Enchanted River and Tinuy-an Falls.

DAY 3:  Britannia Island
-Take a bus that passes San Agustin Town and spend a day doing island hopping in Britannia group of islands.

-Go back to Butuan.

My advise is that if you are a bunch of tourists, you better hire a Van/Vhire as your transportation for the whole 2 day tour in Tinuy-an falls, Enchanted river, and Britannia Islands.  You can hire an 8k Van with driver and guide for a 2-day tour.  The van is good for 12, so if you are a group of 12 you can save a lot.  You can contact me, 09329721312 for the van so that I can help you book a van for hire in Butuan.

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It is more fun in the Philippines! 


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  2. How much is the hire in Butuan City for an 8k Van with driver and guide for the whole 2 day tour in Tinuy-an falls, Enchanted river, and Britannia Islands?